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Name:Warren Worthington III
Birthdate:Dec 1
Location:NYC, New York, United States of America
All About

Real Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Current Alias: Angel
Former Aliases: Avenging Angel, Death, Dark Angel, Archangel
DoB: December 1
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Owner/CEO Worthington Industries, billionaire, superhero
Relatives: Katherine Worthington – Mother (Deceased), Warren Kenneth Worthington JR. – Father (Deceased), Warren Kenneth Worthington – Grandfather (Deceased)
Affiliations: X-Men, Hellfire Club, The Four Horsemen, Worthington Industries, Mutantes Sans Frontières

Warren Worthington III was born to an incredibly affluent family in New York, wealth levels consistently near the top of Fortune's 500. During his stay at private school, his wings sprouted. Warren hated them at first, but soon learned he could fly with them. After saving fellow dormmates from a fire, he went to New York City and started a life of crimefighting. This is where Professor X recruited Warren to become part of the X-Men. During this time, he was known as Angel.

During the “Mutant Massacre,” Warren had his wings severely damaged and later amputated. He regained new metallic wings and blue skin by the help of the mutant Apocalypse. Angel took the name of Death as one of Apocalypse’s four horsemen and fought against the X-Men, but later regained his senses and left Apocalypse to rejoin The X-Men. It was then that he took the name of Archangel.

Warren’s wings eventually reverted back to normal, when the feathers grew inside the metallic ones and eventually burst out, leaving Archangel with his original feathered wings, and eventually normal-colored skin. He continues to fight alongside The X-Men as Angel.

Angel has fully feathered wings that span 16' and have a very flexible skeletal structure. He can fly by flapping his wings, and can reach speeds of up to 150 mph. Though he generally flies below the height of clouds at 6,500 feet, Angel can reach a height of 10,000 feet with little effort. His wings are strong enough to carry aloft at least 200 pounds in addition to his own body weight. Angel's entire anatomy is adapted for flight, having hollow bones; a body virtually devoid of fat, granting him enhanced proportionate muscle strength; eyes that can withstand high-speed winds; enhanced eyesight enabling him to see at distances far greater than the average human; and a special respiratory membrane that extracts oxygen from the air at extreme velocities and altitudes.

As the result of a secondary mutation, Warren also developed a healing factor and can heal others by mixing his blood with theirs, provided they have a matching blood type. This mutation varies in potency. At times, he cannot aid the terminally wounded; at others, he can actually raise the newly dead. He is nearly immune to injury because his healing blood is constantly flowing through him; at its onset, he repaired broken bones in days. His healing abilities have progressed since then.

OOC Note: Warren is based in Earth-616 continuity, though he should be considered AU. His current time line starts shortly after regaining his natural wings. This means he has endured most early canon, beginning as a founding member of the X-Men through the Mutant Massacre, Apocalypse's 'gift' of techo-organic wings and a brief stint as Death, and his failed relationships with Candace Southern and Elizabeth Braddock.

Canon: As stated above, with mentioned tweaks.

If you want a verse, feel free to PM.

Warren Worthington III/(Arch)Angel belongs to Stan Lee and the nice people at Marvel. Typist is over 18, character is over 18. Be advised of probable adult language and situations within this journal.

More info on Warren can be found here and here.
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